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Sport, recreation, volunteer work "SFX" (


· Stowarzyszenie Terapeutów (Therapist’s Society) (
· Zarzad Obiektow Sportowych w Koszalinie (Management of sports facilities)
· Volunteers


- we popularize sport and recreation,
- we promote volunteer work,
- we promote the city of Koszalin in Poland and abroad,
- we encourage to live a healthy lifestyle,
- by cooperation with the Therapist’s Society we work towards supporting autism treatment (


October 27, 2013 Sunday 2 a.m. . Start and finish at the KS ‘Bałtyk’, Stawisińskiego Str., Koszalin.


All participants of the run must be 18 years of age or older. At the registration, you will be required to declare in writing that you take part in the event at your own responsibility. At the run registration office the contestants will become starting kits containing starting numbers and safety pins.


In order to apply you must fill out the application form available at: or apply by calling the run director Michal Bieliński (SFX) at : 696 137 257, e-mail:


The race office they will receive starter kits containing cotton T-shirt with long sleeves, bib, safety pins (this is independent of the prize package).


Distance: 42.195km (8 loops) or 21.097km (4 loops).
Surface: asphalt, tartan
The route leads through the main streets of Koszalin and is well lit by streetlights.
Lack of certificate. The race organizer shall make every effort so that the route measurement is as precise as possible, according to the standards applied by PZLA and IAAF. The route measurement will be carried out by means of various methods such as: (car, GPS, foot pod, reel long tape rule, steel tape rule)


Electronic, with the use of electronic chips.
Time will be shown on the LED screen at the stadium, where the loop of the route goes. This will allow the contestants to control time around every 5 minutes. The organizer guarantees that the time result accomplished by the runners between the starting and the finish line will be one hour shorter than the actual running time. The difference has to do with time changing from daylight- saving time to winter time from 3 a.m. to 2 a.m.
In official results as well as on diplomas the time of start and the time of crossing the finish line will be included.


Crossing the finish line must take place at latest at 7:00 a.m., which gives runners 6 hours to finish the race (between 2 a.m. and 7 a.m. including the time switching from daylight-saving time to winter time). The contestants, who for some reasons are expected not to be able to finish the race in the given time limit will be allowed to start the race before the rest (after the agreement with the organizer and the run director).

11. CLASSIFICATION (marathon and half-marathon)

General classification of men and women.
Age classification of men (M) and women (K).

K20/M20 (1989 - 1995), K25/M25 (1984 - 1988)
K30/M30 (1979 - 1983), K35/M35 (1974 - 1978),
K40/M40 (1969 - 1973), K45/M45 (1964 - 1968),
K50/M50 (1959 - 1963), K55/M55 (1954 - 1958),
K60/M60 (1949 - 1953), K65/M65 (1944 - 1948),
K70 + / M70 + (1943 and older)

Additional classifications: teams, N - disabled. The organizer reserves the right to set up additional classifications.

12. TEAM STANDINGS (marathon)

Each team is required to choose his captain - a member of the team. Team Captain will make application (by giving names and race numbers its representatives) and will be responsible for contact with the organizer of the race.

For the team classification must be notified at least four people running the same distance. One participant may only be assigned to one team.

The order in the team classification is determined by the sum of the four best times achieved among the participants belonging to the same team. To classify a team must finish the race by at least four of its representatives.

13. FEES

Participation fee:

  I DEADLINE - by 13th September 2013.

           Marathon: 79 PLN / person (K70+/M70+ 49 PLN)
      Half Marathon: 49 PLN / person (K70+/M70+ 29 PLN)

 II DEADLINE - by 13th October 2013.

           Marathon: 99 PLN / person
      Half Marathon: 59 PLN / person

III DEADLINE - after 13th October 2013.

           Marathon: 129 PLN / person
      Half Marathon:  79 PLN / person

Please settle the payment by transferring money into SFX’s bank account.
Bank details: Stowarzyszenie SFX, 7/3 Dabka Str., 75-354 Koszalin, Bank PKO BP Oddział (branch) 1 in Koszalin. Account number: 05 1020 2791 0000 7802 0064 0508. Please include: The amount of the fee depends on the date of its impact on account of the organizer. For participation in the team classification are not charged additional fees.

Please settle the payment by transferring money into SFX’s bank account:
Stowarzyszenie "SFX", ul. Dabka 7/3, 75-354 Koszalin,
Pekao SA I o / Koszalin 52 1240 1428 1111 0010 4137 6817,
Please include: "year of race, distance, player name, year of birth".

You can also settle the fee directly at the official run office on 26-27th October 2013.
Participation fee once paid is non-refundable and cannot be moved towards another runner.


All participants, who complete the race ‘The Night Sham 2013’ will receive a medal. Participants, who complete marathon distance will receive a unique long sleeve technical t-shirt for finishers.

Winners in general men and women classification (I-III position) will be granted cash prizes.

The winners in age classification (1st-3rd positions) will receive unique trophy.

The prizes for all the runners will be drawn after the run is finished.

The general and the age classifications are overlapping. The organizer reserves the right to sponsor additional prizes in classifications and categories chosen by them.


For those, who require free accommodation the organizer provides a 2 night-stay (Friday to Saturday and Saturday to Sunday) in KS Bałtyk building and ZOS Koszalin sports hall (Głowackiego Str.). Please note that the organizer does not provide mattresses nor sleeping bags. Alcohol and drugs are not permitted in the buildings mentioned. Those, who will not comply with this rule will be expelled from the building. All participants of the run will be able to use ‘nutrition points’ at the run route (every 5 min. providing water, sports drinks and bananas). The organizer also provides medical care and the possibility to use shower.


- According to the PZLA regulations, the event will take place regardless of the weather,
- All contestants must wear starting numbers attached to the front of their t-shirts,
- Before the run the runners will be able to use changing room,
- After the run the runners will be able to use changing rooms and showers,
- The organizer does not insure the runners against accidents,
- According to personal data protection law, runner’s personal details will be used only for the use of the race,
- Photos taken during the run may be used in advertisement material of the run (final report, poster, press release),
- The organizer does not return participation fee in the case when a runner withdraws from the race,
- Final interpretation of the run rules belongs to the organizer,
- The present rules could be subjected to insignificant alternations.

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