NOCNA ŚCIEMA 2020 - złota edycja - maraton, półmaraton, bieg - Koszalin

NOCNA (night) - because at night
SCIEMA (sham) - because we're changing the time

You run - the time is going back...

Date: 26-27th October 2019
Place: Koszalin, Poland
Dystans: 42.195km (marathon), 21.097km (halfmarathon)
Edition: 2019 (ninth)

Best results in Nocna Ściema*:


2h04'19" - Ewa Huryń - 30.10.2016
1h32'51" - Andrzej Witek - 30.10.2016


26'19" - Nikolina Szurgocińska - 30.10.2016
8'30" - Bogdan Semenovych - 30.10.2011

* difference between start and finish time

What is "Nocna Sciema"?

Run that breaks the reality rules!
Run that enables to break the WORLD RECORD!
Run of incredible possibilities!
Probably the only such a run on whole world!

Since 13th April 2003 the official world record at the royal distance in women’s category belongs to Paula Radcliffe, who went on to win the London Marathon in 02:15:25. In men’s category this record is 02:01:39 and has been broken on 16th September 2018 in Berlin by Eliud Kipchoge (KEN). In half marathon in women’s category the world record has been set by Joyciline Jepkosgei in 01:04:51 in Valencia on 22th October 2017. In men’s category this record has been beaten by Abraham Kiptum with the time of 58:18:00 in Valencia on 28th October 2018.

"Nocna Sciema" gives you the unique possibility of getting better results than these mentioned above, the results that way exceed your current ones. Those, who will debut at "Nocna Sciema" can be sure that their results will go far beyond their expectations.

The contestants counting on improving their life records or aiming at breaking their limits of five, four or even three hours are very likely to do it.

How is it possible?

"Nocna Sciema" is a marathon (42.195 km) and half marathon (21.097 km) - long run. The event takes place at the night when we switch our clocks from daylight-saving time to winter time. This transition gives us one-off possibility of achieving fantastic results that would not be attainable at any other moment. Because we move our clocks back during our run we gain one extra hour.

"Nocna Sciema" starts exactly at 2 am. An hour later we change our clocks back to 2 am. In the case of half marathon it turns out that we can cross the finish line soon after 2 a.m. while the marathon can we completed even before 4 am. This way beating the world record becomes doable.

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